Food Distributors

Food distributors are companies that dedicated to purchases of products from manufacturers, for subsequent sale of such products to re-sellers or individual customers in regional markets.

Normally distributors purchase goods from foreign or local manufacturers.

Distribution Channels

In other words, distribution functions begin when distributor purchasing goods from manufacturers in order to resell it on a regional market.

The right of distribution is usually assigned to a potential distributor by executing a special form of contract called distribution agreement.

For a large manufacturing company it is quite normal to have a large number of distributors, where each of them represents a certain segment of the market.

Usually distributors are more or less free to determine their pricing policy.

Food categories that most food distributors are dealing with are frozen food, fresh food, canned food, pastas, seafood, fruits and vegetables, beverage of all kind.

Most popular import categories among distributors are American food, Asian food, European (general) food, Mexican food, Italian food, Greek food, Chinese food, Japanese food, and so on.

Biggest food distributors are located in Europe and USA. However there are fast growing import markets for food products in China, Russia and South America.


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There are two types of food distributors: Wholesale Distributors (wholesalers) and Retail Distributors (retailers).

Wholesalers distribute products via their wholesale centers in the markets of operations in significant quantities and usually specialized on certain products group.

Retailers are usually dealing with the large assortment of food products and beverages.

Retail distributors distribute goods via their retail stores, and sell directly to consumers.


Food Distributors Database Includes:

American food distributors, Asian food distributors, European food distributors, Mexican food distributors, Italian food distributors, Greek food distributors, Chinese food distributors, Japanese food distributors and other.

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